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The Simon School Venture Capital Fund (SSVCF) is an early stage student-run VC fund run by 2nd year MBA students at the Simon School, University of Rochester. The SSVCF is an evergreen fund and was initially funded by alumni donations.

The fund is guided by an advisory board, which consists of successful entrepreneurs, VC investors, and accomplished professionals in other fields.


The purpose of the Simon School Venture Capital Fund is to create unique and experiential learning opportunities for students with respect to entrepreneurship and venture capital investment. The Fund will provide a unique educational experience for Simon students through hands-on due diligence, interaction with entrepreneurs, presentations to advisory board members, direct participation in investment decisions, and ongoing monitoring and analysis of investments. The objective is to make sound investment decisions based on comprehensive due diligence and investment analysis with the intent to perpetuate the life of the fund. The SSVCF will serve as a hallmark activity for the Simon School and increase the School’s visibility and participation in Rochester’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.


As a subsidiary of the University of Rochester, we are able to leverage the University’s vast resources and alumni network to assist in the development of our portfolio companies. SSVCF’s portfolio companies benefit from an extensive network of student professionals and world-class entrepreneurial advisors to assist in developing their exciting new ventures. The relationship between portfolio companies and the SSVCF is truly symbiotic.

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