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Faculty Profile

Shiming Fu
Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance
Phone: 585.275.3956
Office: C3-217 Carol Simon Hall

Teaching Interests

Financial institution risk management (MBA/MS); Introduction to financial economics (PhD).

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the fields of financial economics, corporate finance, and contracts. My current researches focus on agency and information frictions in corporate finance and other areas of economic theory. I explore when and why firms voluntarily disclose performance evidence given there are agency conflicts, and the effects of disclosure on firm policy dynamics and welfare. I examine the role of liquidity allocation in internal capital market: mitigate decentralized information and moral hazard. I also study the optimal security design when agent’s effort or information choice may continuously distort investors’ belief about firm fundamental or future prospects.

Professional History

Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance
University of Rochester Simon Business School
July 2015 -


Duke University - 2015
Ph D
Arizona State University - 2009
Nankai University - 2004

Current Research Programs

Dynamic Capital Allocation and Managerial Compensation
Dynamic Financial Contracting with Persistent Private Information
Pay for Others’ Performance: A Continuous-time Multi-Agency Model
Voluntary disclosure under dynamic moral hazard
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