Simon Business School

Faculty Profile

Guy Arie
Assistant Professor of Economics and Management
Phone: 312.283.4501
Office: 314 Carol Simon Hall


Prior to pursuing his PhD, Arie worked as an R&D engineer and manager in large defense and communication firms.

Teaching Interests

Managerial economics, Business Strategy.

Research Interests

Professor Arie’s research interests include the study of employee incentives, strategic competition between firms, and the design of employee roles in firms. His current research focuses on the internal design of firms and employee incentives when the employee’s task becomes harder with effort.

Professional History

Assistant Professor of Economics and Management
University of Rochester, Simon Business School
July 2012 -


Kellogg, Northwestern University - 2012
Ph D

Current Research Programs

Interaction Between Private and Public Sector Prices in Health Care
We evaluate the ability of medical providers to discriminate between public and private sector patents in service provision. If discrimination is not complete then a larger public sector will cause a greater tendency for private prices to converge to public sector prices. We test this hypothesis on a large data set or public and private transacted prices. The results have important managerial and policy implications.