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STEM MBA Option.


A new level of clarity.


Unabashedly analytical. Intensely collaborative. All the opportunities and encouragement you need to reflect, refine, and take risks. That’s how clarity takes shape in the graduate business programs at Simon. It’s the understanding and confidence you need to make the right decisions—no matter what the business forecast.


The Simon MBA.


Learn how powerful analytical frameworks drive success in business, what it takes to collaborate and manage in the contemporary, global workplace, and how to bring new focus to your professional growth and goals.

No. 13

Top MBAs for Women in the US
Financial Times, 2018

No. 21

Top MBAs for Women globally.
Financial Times, 2018

Let's be


unabashedly analytical.


We're known for our quantitative emphasis—a distinct advantage in today's data-driven economy. But we don’t just focus on computation. We'll show you how an analytical mindset and a deep understanding of economics gives you an essential, big-picture approach to business.



No. 2

Finance Program In The World
Financial Times Global MBA, 2017

No. 5

Economics program in the world
Financial Times Global MBA, 2017

This is how


teams should work.


The Simon MBA community is small by design and one of the most diverse at any business school in the country. With an extraordinary array of perspectives always close by, you’ll learn to listen in new ways and turn differences into a competitive edge.

No. 13

Top MBAs for Women in the US
Financial Times, 2018

Top 10

Most diverse MBA programs
U.S. News & World Report, 2016


Countries of origin for the Class of 2017

This is your time to


reflect, refine


and take risks.


We believe graduate business study should be eye-opening on all levels—and it will be in our collegial and supportive community. The city of Rochester also offers you a great quality of life: It's remarkably affordable with the perfect amount of free-time activities.


No. 1

Most affordable major housing market in the U.S.
Demographia International Housing Affordability Study

Top 20

Best places to live in the U.S. for quality of life
U.S. News & World Report

The Simon MS Programs.


Business runs on big data. But business also needs people who can turn that data into fresh insights and smart strategy. That's why Simon master’s degree programs are about much more than giving you an impressive technical toolkit. We want to open up big career possibilities for you.


Frame problems
more effectively.

Clarity means seeing business and the world in a new light. We’ll give you the skills you need to uncover the patterns that motivate and drive markets. But you’ll leave here with more than a toolkit for your next job. You’ll leave here with tools for life.

Full-Time MBA Program

Gain the analytical frameworks and skill that help you see through ambiguity—and see beyond the short-term. It’s the understanding and confidence you need to make the right decisions and lead, no matter what the sector or business forecast.


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Full-Time MS

Go beyond number crunching and learn to use data to persuade and inspire. You’ll become a sharper strategic thinker, ready to add value to the fast-moving teams that define the world’s most successful organizations. Each of our programs are STEM-designated, allowing international students to stay in the U.S. for up to 36 months. We offer MS programs in:

Executive MBA and Part-Time Programs

Our programs for working professionals are small by design, with students who reflect a diversity of thought and backgrounds. You’ll learn from eminent business scholars who value the real-world experience you bring to class.

the next generation of
women leaders

Women make up one-third of the MBA class at Simon—a significant increase over the past 16 years. We partner with the Forte Foundation, and we’re one of the top choices for companies seeking to substantially increase the number of women in management.

No. 13

top MBAs for women in the US

-Financial Times, 2018

Women at Simon

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    Fall 2019 Entry

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    Fall 2019 Entry

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you can count on.

There are two great advantages to being a smaller business school with a distinctive way of looking at the world:

  1. The connections you make here endure
  2. You always have something in common with other alumni, no matter what your class year or career path.
Map of the world

Most represented countries:

Cote D'Ivoire
Hong Kong
South Korea
Russian Federation
South Africa
United Rep of Tanzania
United Kingdom
United States


Simon stories

  • Profile Photo

    Tim Hayward

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2016

    Competitive and Organizational Strategy

    Bain & Company

    "Simon gave me the tools I need to be effective in the modern global environment. To sit in a classroom and learn statistics, analytics, pricing, and business principles was incredibly valuable."

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  • Profile Photo

    Mingyi Chen

    MS in Finance, Class of 2016

    Investment Banking Analyst

    "My overall experience at Simon empowered me to reach bigger and to reach those opportunities that seemed really distant to me when I was an undergraduate student, such as landing my dream job as an investment banking analyst at a world-class bank."

    More Full-Time MS in Finance Alumni

  • Profile Photo

    Martin Birmingham

    Executive MBA, Class of 2013

    President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
    Five Star Bank and Financial Institutions, Inc.

    “I’m delighted that we have six alumni in senior leadership positions who have gone or are going through the Simon Executive MBA program. It allows us to collectively leverage the analytical skillsets and frameworks we learned to deal with some of the uncertainties of business.”

    See the full profile for Martin Birmingham

  • Profile Photo

    David Distant

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2017

    Corporate Accounting, Finance

    Technology Investment Banking Associate

    "I wanted my Simon MBA to be an opportunity to grow in every way possible—and it was. I knew with a very analytical, quantitative MBA program, a smaller class size would be beneficial, and that was true beyond academics: I made real, meaningful friendships with my classmates."

    More Full-Time MBA alumni

  • Profile Photo

    Tim Holland

    Professional MBA, Class of 1996

    Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer (BRE, BNL, and BTR)
    Broadstone Real Estate

    “Simon changed the way I looked at operations and gave me the skills to make processes more efficient. My MBA helped develop an analytical approach towards operations.”

    See the full profile for Tim Holland

  • Profile Photo

    Jennifer Lee

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2016

    Computers and Information Systems, Operations Management

    Operations Program Analyst

    "During Simon's Silicon Valley trek, we learned how to make our résumés stand out for high-tech companies. It was great advice—and now I share it with others who want to get into the industry."

    More Full-Time MBA alumni

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