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Diana Nole - Executive MBA ’01 - 730 x 400

Leadership Practicum

Our new leadership course is a yearlong experiential practicum that provides a framework for personal leadership and expands our professional development offerings. The course provides a framework for defining leadership that is founded on the concept of integrity, and then integrates this framework with your personal leadership strengths. With modules throughout the first year, concepts in the core curriculum will be further explored from the perspective of how to implement these concepts as the leader within our organization.

It’s practical learning for experienced professionals.

The leadership practicum provides a framework for effective leadership based on integrity and team strength. The practicum encompasses hands-on professional development as well as exploring issues facing businesses today. Throughout the year, these practical modules are integrated within the curriculum to help you apply the skills you learn to the work you do with your company or organization.


Matrix Insights log0 - 230w

The Simon Executive MBA program utilizes Matrix Insights for their leadership development platform. An interactive and dynamic leadership software, Matrix Insights helps improve communication, enhance collaboration, and customize each student’s professional development.

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