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Cultural, Social, and Sports Clubs

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Cultural Clubs

Business Christian Fellowship (BCF)

Simon Business Christian Fellowship (SBCF) SBCF is devoted to showing God’s love by serving the entire Simon community, fostering a thriving Christ-centered community within the Simon Business School and equipping students to effectively make lasting impact as leaders in the business world. SBCF organizes a variety of social events with the aim of building nourishing friendships among students, alums, faculty, and administrators. SBCF also holds regular open bible study discussions, book discussions and prayer meetings to offer students a source of support and inspiration amidst challenging studies. From time to time SBCF will host special guest lectures where CEOs and Senior Executives will share invaluable advice on real business issues they encounter in the marketplace and how they effectively integrate their faith to maintain high ethical conduct, while still being successful. SBCF also aims to continue to positively impact the Simon Community and the greater Rochester community by touching lives and assisting people through several service projects.

Jamila Aubain

President:  Jamila Aubain

Email address:


Jewish Association of MBAs (JAMBA)

Jewish Association of MBAs (JAMBA) seeks to function as a resource to develop, inform, support, and enrich an active Jewish community on campus. JAMBA organizes and promotes a variety of social and professional activities with the aim of building a strong network of future business leaders. We also wish to serve as an educational resource to the greater Simon community. The organization will serve multiple goals. JAMBA will encourage student participation in Jewish events, build stronger ties between Jewish students and Jewish organizations in the community, and foster a sense of commitment to Jewish values. JAMBA will serve as a point of contact for prospective Jewish applicants to inform them about Jewish life in Simon and in the greater Rochester community. JAMBA will connect with Jewish alumni from Simon and maintain an active relationship with them, via networking and inviting them to Simon as guest speakers. Lastly, JAMBA will provide a platform to enable students from all backgrounds to learn more about the Jewish culture.


President:  TBD

Email address:

Latin American Student Organization of Simon (LASOS)

Latin American Student Organization of Simon (LASOS) will provide incoming and second-year students with business knowledge and network opportunities in the US and Latin American markets, as well as increase the exposure of the Simon students to the business environment. LASOS is currently developing many activities towards career development and information exchange in partnership with other Simon clubs, national Latin associations and top business schools. It's also our objective to assist Simon Business School in fulfilling the expectations and needs of Latin Americans and other international students. LASOS plays an important role in supporting incoming students to adapt and adjust to life in a new environment through a friendly and close environment based in small events. Their members include Latin and Hispanic American students and all Simon students interested in the Latin economy, culture, and diversity. Our diverse club has students not only from Latin America, but also from the USA, Eastern Europe, Germany, Spain and Japan.

Gustavo Espinel

President:  Gustavo Espinel

Email address:


NAAMBA The Simon Asian Club

The Simon Asian Club welcomes all students who are interested in exploring the business dynamics and cultural diversity of Asia. Our goal is to provide current PBF members with opportunities to learn about business-related issues in Asia Pacific and the US, to network with Alumni and corporate speakers, and to foster friendships with other Simon students through social activities.

Nephi Cheng

President:  Nephi Borareth Cheng

Email address:


Simon National Black MBA Association (SNB)

Simon National Black MBA Association (SNB) is a student chapter of the National Black MBA Association. This was a strategic move to align the club with a renowned national MBA organization, which would allow for greater depth and reach when implementing programs. The purpose of SNB is to provide a forum for students who are interested in the issues concerning the economic advancement of African Americans in the United States. Our members participate in activities designed to promote and enhance professional, academic, and personal achievement. Throughout the school year, SNB members strive to enrich each club member's MBA experience, Simon Business School, the University of Rochester, and the Rochester community.

Kimberly Tucker

President:  Kimberly Tucker

Email address:



SimonUnited was created to bring the Simon community closer together:  younger and older, domestic and international, female and male. Its purpose is to encourage Simon students to further their cultural awareness and attain a sense of tolerance and understanding; to foster unity within our diverse community and the greater global society; to help members appreciate and understand each other and our society's diversity, recognize unfairness if it exists, and take personal leadership in confronting bias. SimonUnited provides guidance and support in dealing with culture shock of business school, the US, or traveling overseas. SimonUnited events point out the great importance of curiosity, direct observation, contemplation and self-evaluation in the process of forming ourselves as future business leaders.

Vivek Jain

President:  Vivek Jain

Email address:


Simon Women in Business (SWiB)

Simon Women in Business (SWiB) is a non-profit national organization dedicated to supporting businesswomen both during their tenure at graduate school and in the years that follow. SAWMBA is a professional organization that strives to enhance the Simon experience for all MBA women. The organization coordinates efforts in career services, professional development, and mentoring. In addition, SAWMBA fosters camaraderie throughout Simon's female community through a variety of social activities. SAWMBA has started a scholarship fund, which recognizes Simon's exceptional women leaders.

Shay Freeman

President:  Shay Freeman

Email address:


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Social Clubs

Graduate Business Council (GBC)

Graduate Business Council (GBC) The purpose of the Graduate Business Council is to represent the interests of the graduate student body and foster a strong sense of community within Simon. The Council provides a platform for the discussion of student concerns and acts as the instrument by which student interests may be voiced to the administration, faculty, and to the broader School community. The Council organizes social events, lecture series, student forums, recreational programs, and regular dialogs with school administrators and faculty in order to enrich the academic experience at Simon. The GBC also decides on the allocation and distribution of Simon’s student activity fund, and acts as a governing organization for all student-run clubs and organizations.    

Kanika Chopra

President:  Kanika Chopra

Email address:


Simon Dance Club

The Simon Dance Club’s purpose is to help students to move “gracefully” in a few major dance styles, to increase their knowledge and awareness about dances in various cultures and to help them to keep fit and appear as dynamic and presentable business people. The various events the club plans to organize will also provide students the opportunity to network with their peers, alumni and dance professionals.

Melissa Butkiewicz

President:  Melissa Butkiewicz

Email address:


Simon Partners

Simon Partners The Simon Partners Club is a casual social club operated by the significant others of Simon students. The Partners Club is an excellent opportunity for Simon students’ partners to obtain career and volunteer contacts in the local area. Additionally, it is designed to provide partners of students coming to Simon Business School an opportunity to build friendships! We welcome all partners (engaged, married, or other) of students and their families to the Simon community, even if your partner will just be visiting for the weekends. Simon Partners events take place in a casual and relaxed setting. There are no dues or fees, other than expenses incurred at planned activities.


President:  TBD

Email address:

Simon UNcorked

Simon UNcorked was founded under the belief that our students should take advantage of every opportunity to set themselves apart from other members of the business community. Like golf, wine has become an important part of the business networking culture. Without a solid foundation, you can find yourself in embarrassing situations. For example, suppose you are hosting a business dinner. You carefully researched the restaurant's wine list in preparation for the dinner and selected a wine you thought would be ideal. Upon being seated at dinner, the waiter informs you that they are out of the wine and asks you to make another selection. WHAT DO YOU DO?!

Katrina Hudy

President:  Katrina Hudy

Email address:


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Sports Clubs

Simon Basketball Club

The goal of the Simon Basketball Club is to provide Simon students with the opportunity to get together to enjoy the international game of basketball and foster strong relationships between classmates, faculty, administration, and alumni who enjoy the game. The Simon Basketball Club will coordinate weekly pick-up basketball games in the Goergen Athletic Center, as well as coordinate games between Simon and other top-tier business schools. The Simon Basketball Club will provide students with a positive avenue to achieve physical fitness and will be a viable networking opportunity with both members of our school and with the other business schools we will play.

Duke Banson

President:  Duke Banson

Email address:


Simon Golf Club

The goal of the Simon Golf Club is to provide all Simon students with the opportunity to learn and play the game of golf, and capitalize on the its connection with the business world and generate networking opportunities with classmates, faculty, administration, alumni, and corporate representatives. The Simon Golf Club will coordinate a variety of golf outings throughout the school year at some of the 60+ area courses. These outing will be the primary vehicle used to introduce members to fellow classmates, Simon faculty and administration, area alumni and business executives. The Simon Golf Club will provide students with the chance to develop and refine their golf skills, and will stress the importance of golf as both a social and networking opportunity. Our club will plan lessons, driving range and basic course outings, tournaments, and other social events. These events will be open to the entire Simon community, including students, faculty, partners, alums, and friends. In addition, speakers will be scheduled to discuss golf etiquette, networking, and the impact on the business world.

Kevin Willett

President:  Kevin Willett

Email address:


Soccer Club

The mission of the Soccer Club is to provide opportunities for students to play soccer while promoting Simon Business School. The leadership and teamwork demanded by this sport can also be translated into success off the field. In addition, it gives the student not only a break from the books and the demanding academic environment, but also a unique opportunity to network and share experiences with other MBA students and Simon alumni. The School participates in many tournaments in the U.S. throughout the academic year. The tournaments usually take place at Yale during the fall and at Tuck during the spring. These tournaments gather business schools from the leading U.S. and European business schools, such as Harvard, Wharton, Yale, Columbia, London Business School, and Tuck, among others. For the last five seasons, the club traveled to Connecticut and New Hampshire to take part in the Yale MBA Tournament and to the Tuck MBA Cup respectively. Despite our smaller class size, Simon has competed on an even level with the top-ranked business schools.

Andrew Holliday

Coach:  Andrew Holliday

Email address:


The Simon Squash Club

The Simon Squash Club provides an opportunity for students, faculty, and alumni to interact with each other while learning the game of squash. The mission of the Club is to enjoy the game of squash at all levels. Since squash is a popular sport in the business community, especially in the Wall Street, students will not only benefit from the excellent workout and enjoyment of the great game, but also from the great networking opportunity squash provides for business professionals after Simon.

Akant Punia

President:  Akantdeep Punia

Email address:


Simon Tennis Club

Simon Tennis Club strives to develop friendship and networking opportunities to all members of the Simon Community, as well as a professional and personal platform among other business schools. Business executives often play tennis as a means of business communication. By gathering for practice sessions and playing with other top business schools, we seek to increase the exposure of Simon students to the business environment by forming a bond between alumni and students from different and similar backgrounds.


President:  Pavatni Patil

Email address:


Simon Outdoor Adventure Club

Simon Outdoor Adventure Club: The goal of the Outdoor Adventure Club is to provide the Simon community with the opportunity to network and develop friendships while participating in outdoor activities. This club provides a unique environment to bond and interact with fellow students, alumni, and professors throughout Simon. We believe the practice of such disciplines will give Simon students unique tools to succeed in the business world and form lasting Simon relationships. Indeed, unlike other areas of the world, the Rochester area provides a vast array of weather and terrain for this type of recreation.

By founding this club we plan to enhance the Simon experience by giving to the Simon community a framework to increase their abilities and strengthen their Simon relationships, increasing pride and camaraderie within the Simon Business School.

Katrina Hudy

President:  Katrina Hudy

Email address:


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Other Clubs

Simon Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

Simon Gay-Straight Alliance our mission is two-fold: first, to create a forum amongst the LGBT community and straight allies at Simon to hold social and networking events, and second, to create a community of business leaders who are educated on LGBT issues related to the workplace.

Lillian RosenthalDzifa Tamakloe

Co-Presidents:  Lillian Rosenthal and Dzifa Tamakloe

Email address:


Simon Ambassadors

Simon Ambassadors play a major role in the prospective student's visit to, and impression of, the Simon School. As a Simon Ambassador, you will spend a morning with an applicant escorting him or her to a class before taking them on a tour of the School and campus. During their visit, you will introduce the applicant to your fellow classmates and discuss life at Simon from a student's perspective, while having lunch with them at the best cafeteria in the University. The time you spend as a Simon Ambassador is valuable for another reason. Your input on the prospective candidate will provide the Admissions Committee with additional information making you an important part of the admissions process.


Email address:

Simon Net Impact

Simon Net Impact is an organization of new-generation leaders using business for social impact. It is a network of more than 13,000 new-generation leaders committed to using the power of business to improve the world. It is also one of the most innovative and influential networks of MBAs, graduate students, and young professionals in existence today. Our members believe that business can both earn a profit and create positive social change. Through a central office in San Francisco and more than 100 chapters in cities and graduate schools around the globe, Net Impact offers a portfolio of programs that enable members to transform this ideal into measurable results. Net Impact’s mission is to improve the world by growing and strengthening a network of leaders who use the power of business to make a positive social, environmental, and economic impact.

Joseph BellMikayla Hart

Co-Presidents:  Joseph Bell and MIkayla Hart

Email address:

Simon Toastmasters

Simon Toastmasters is certainly one of the most fun clubs at Simon Business School. Every week we offer members the opportunity to practice public speaking in a relaxed, casual setting. At each meeting, volunteers give prepared speeches, impromptu speeches, offer constructive evaluations, or simply tell a joke. We also present awards every quarter to those who have outstanding participants, and yearly rewards for best speaker and most improved speaker. Trust us, these are not your typical dry and boring debates in any sense of the imagination. Public speaking is unavoidable at Simon, as well as life after business school. But we take the edge off it. Simon Toastmasters promises you the opportunity to develop the communication and critical thinking skills you need to be successful in a non-threatening and supportive environment.

Abel Garcia

President:  Abel Garcia

Email address:


Simon Volunteers

The goal of Simon Volunteers is to positively represent the Simon Business School in the greater Rochester community. Simon Volunteers specifically aims to enhance the lives of community members through building character in ourselves. Members of Simon Volunteers realize there is more to business than simple profitability. More importantly, we understand we can make a difference in the lives of others through social responsibility and involvement in the community. Examples of projects include The Secret Santa Program, Rochester City School Literacy and Math Program, Rochester Children’s Scholarship Fund Mentoring Program, Earth Week Clean-up, Breast Cancer Walk, Polar Plunge, Habitat for Humanity, and food and clothing drives.

Andrew Belliveau

President:  Andrew Belliveau

Email address:

World According to Simon (WATS)

World According to Simon (WATS) is the Simon Business School student newspaper. It is our mission to provide a voice for the students on school issues and events, as well as to provide a forum of communication and exchange between faculty, staff, alumni, and students.


Managing Editor:  TBD

Email address:


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