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Hoda Talebi Large

Hoda Talebi

MS in Finance, Class of 2010

Senior Finance Manager - EIMEA Regional Sales
Duracell - A Berkshire Hathaway Company

Hoda Talebi came to Simon from Iran with a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and three years of experience in finance as a market analyst at Parsian Bank in Tehran. She figured her career path would be in an operations-based industry, but had no clear idea what industry and what position she wanted to pursue.

Her year at Simon helped give Hoda the direction. "My experience at Simon helped me to better determine my strengths and preferences and consequently narrow and choose my career focus with certainty," says Hoda, now a BU Finance Manager at Pentair.

The influence of some professors and the School's special perspectives tremendously changed Hoda's viewpoint on business environments and how they work.

Her Simon experience also provided Hoda with tools to help her try to make her way in the business world. "Tools and theories come together," she says. "At Simon, you attain some of brightest business theories that, when synthesized with tools, can provide the best solutions to the market."

"Working on fundamentals that are persistent in any business environment, rather than going for managerial fads that come and go, in my opinion, is the fact that distinguishes Simon Business School."

Hoda Talebi Talebi

"My experience at Simon helped me to better determine my strengths and preferences."

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