Simon Business School


Competitive and Organizational Strategy

Competitive and Organizational Strategy is designed to develop economists skilled in doing research on a broad variety of firm-related topics. The curriculum is appropriate for students interested in, for example, how relative firm performance is affected by dynamic strategic decisions. Economics and management faculty are actively engaged in theoretical and empirical research on these issues. Weekly economics and management seminars provide students with early access to novel research by both Simon School faculty and world-class speakers from other institutions. Students concentrating in Competitive and Organizational Strategy anticipate employment in the business economics or strategy group at other top tier business schools.

Faculty and Research Interests

James A. Brickley, Area Coordinator
Corporate control, compensation policy, corporate finance, franchising, and banking.

Michael A. Raith
Pricing strategies in the presence of market uncertainty, effects of financial constraints on firms behavior in product markets, performance evaluation in organizations, competition among firms and optimal compensation policies, and organizational structure within firms.

Other Simon School faculty who do research and sometimes teach in Competitive and Organizational Strategy include: Gregg A. Jarrell, John B. Long Jr., Greg E. Shaffer, Clifford W. Smith Jr., and Jerold L. Zimmerman.