Simon Business School


Why Pursue a PhD at Simon?

Simon Has Much to Offer

Our students are among the best trained graduates in their fields. They are highly sought for academic positions for their strong analytical skills and research performance. From the very beginning of their academic training, there is an emphasis on creating a strong foundation from which new ideas and effective research can grow. The first year consists of a heavy course load in mathematics, economics, and statistics. The important skills our students learn from these courses are hard to acquire later if not learned before research training. Further, this allows students in subsequent years to acquire a deeper understanding of the state-of-the-art concepts in their chosen discipline and to quickly develop strong skills necessary to conduct original research.

Our Training is Complete

We admit a diverse student body from a variety of academic backgrounds, including finance, mathematics, economics, statistics, engineering, computer science, law, physics, accounting, business administration, and management undergraduate and graduate programs. Students possessing strong backgrounds in quantitative and technical fields will have a competitive advantage in our PhD Program, though degrees in these fields are not required. We provide all the necessary training beyond the basic baccalaureate degree.

All of an applicant’s abilities are considered for admittance. We look for students who are analytical, creative, and interested in studying business problems and trends. We carefully evaluate each application to find candidates who might prove to be "diamonds in the rough." Find out more about the application process.

Our Job Placement is Outstanding

Most of our graduates are employed before they defend their dissertations. Over 90 percent of these placements are in academic positions.

Top placements in the last 10 years include: Duke, London Business School, London School of Economics, Michigan, MIT, and NYU.

Full list of placements since 2002.

Lifelong Benefits

A career in research and academia provides a satisfying lifelong career with outstanding intellectual, social, and economic benefits. Business school professors are the highest paid in academia.