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The Simon Business School Medical Management program is designed to fit the schedules of busy working professionals. It typically consists of two courses per quarter for four quarters, spanning one academic year from September through August. Graduates of the program describe the work outside the classroom as rigorous but doable. The amount of time you will need to invest will depend on your background and learning capability.

The in-class time commitment is one night per week and one weekend per month. During a typical school quarter, students enroll in one Simon Business School core class for one night per week for ten weeks. In that same quarter, the student also takes a class on three separate weekends to cover the health care component of the module.

During the fifth quarter of study, you do not attend classes, but instead complete your degree requirements with a six-credit team project. The project focus is chosen with input from the senior leadership at the team’s participating organization and the program directors at Simon Business School.

To accommodate the weekend classes, we provide light refreshments during breaks, dinner on Friday, and lunch on Saturday. In addition, textbooks and course materials are provided to students at the start of each quarter.

The curriculum is designed around core areas that are especially relevant to health care:

  • Quantifying strategy through financial analysis
  • Implementing strategy by efficiently managing operations
  • Building efficient organizations through intelligent work design and incentives
  • Analyzing data for decision making
  • Developing marketing and business plans

The curriculum is presented in a format that delivers core business skills while simultaneously applying those skills to the health care industry. This is accomplished through pairing Simon Business School core courses with health sciences management curriculum. The result is a world of business knowledge you can immediately apply to your role in the health care industry.

1 Fall Medical Management Economics, Accounting, and Finance Primer Health Care Marketing and Business Plan Development
2 Winter Managerial Accounting for Health Care Organizations Health Care Accounting and Finance
3 Spring Managing Health Care Operations  Health Care Operations
4 Summer Organization and Strategy Designing and Optimizing Health Care Organizations
5 Fall Team Project - equivalent of 2 three-credit courses  

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