Avery Haviv, Associate Professor of Marketing, and winner of two Superior Teaching Awards in 2022.

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The Simon community is small by design. In fact, it is the smallest of the top-ranked business schools, which offers students the opportunity to work closely with world class scholars. Simon doesn’t require a specific undergraduate major or a minimum work experience; scholars are free to choose from any of our six research focus areas.

Accountancy Comp. and Info. Systems Economics and Mgmt.
Finance Marketing Operations Management


Computers and Information Systems

Information Systems at Simon focuses on business aspects of information technology use and management. Our program emphasizes analytic and quantitative tools and techniques from economics, operations research, and decision sciences to address these issues. Research conducted by Simon students and faculty has significantly advanced the state of the art in research on information systems in general, and information systems economics, in particular.

Huaxia Rui, Xerox Chair of Computer and Information Systems, teaches students.

Recent Research

  • Is software better off in the cloud?

    Abraham (Avi) Seidmann and Dan Ma

    Nowadays, businesses are turning more and more to the use of cloud services. Software applications and services known as software as a service (SaaS) are available online on demand. In this way, SaaS brings corporate users an alternative to modifiable o°-the-shelf software (MO TS). A new study by Abraham (Avi) Seidmann, Xerox Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management, and Dan Ma ’03S (MS), ’06 (PhD) of Singapore Management University, shows MOTS packages still have an important role to play. They built a game-theory model to study the competition between SaaS and MOTS.

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  • Is Good Customer Service a Popularity Contest?

    Huaxia Rui, Abraham Seidmann, and Priyanga Gunarathne

    Recent research by Simon faculty shows that for customers with a problem to be solved, Twitter is the way to go—as long as they have a lot of followers. In their paper, “Customer Service on Social Media: Do Popularity and Sentiment Matter?” professors Huaxia Rui and Avi Seidmann and doctoral graduate student Priyanga Gunarathne gathered over a half-million tweets sent to and by American Airlines, United Airlines, and Air Canada.

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  • Upgrade Intervals Affect Profitability

    Abraham Seidmann, Amit Mehra, and Probal Mojumder

    In a new paper published by Production and Operations Management Journal, “Product Life Cycle Management of Packaged Software,” Simon professor Abraham Seidmann and co-authors Amit Mehra and Probal Mojumder study the optimal intervals between software upgrades and analyze how these intervals change over a product’s life cycle.

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Learn more about our Computer and Information Systems faculty and their research interests:

Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct Faculty
Applied Bayesian statistics, causal inference and Bayesian networks, quantitative methods in conservation paleobiology
Clinical Professor
Professor Jones’s current research studies markets for information goods and the im­pact of development costs and the complexity of the development process on market structure. He is broadly interested in the information industries, in particular the economics of information systems, electronic business, health information technology, and the evolution of the information technology industry.
  1. Reflections on Teaching Online
  2. Reflections on Teaching Online, SSRN
  3. Impact of Non-Cardiovascular Disease Burden on Thirty-Day Hospital Readmission in Heart Failure Patients, Cardiology Journal, 2018, Website, 6, 25
Assistant Professor
Machine Learning and Deep Learning Applications in Business, specifically in Online Platforms: Social Media, Crowdsourcing, Blockchain platforms

Selected publications: Mikhail Lysyakov and Siva Viswanathan. ‘Threatened by AI: Analyzing Users’ Responses to the Introduction of AI in a Crowd-sourcing Platform’.
Forthcoming at Information Systems Research journal.
Clinical Professor
His research explores how the increasing information technology content in products alters competition, strategy and market structure. Recent research has focused on issues of pricing, product design and entry in converging digital markets, and also on price and demand evolution in network industries. In addition, he also has research interests in measuring decision performance, revenue management and information economics.
  1. Impact of Product and Platform Level Sampling on the Sale of Online Video Courses
  2. Market Share Contracts in B2B Procurement Settings with Heterogeneous User Preferences, Production and Operations Management, 31(3), 2022, 1290-1308, 2021, Website, 3, 31
  3. Reflections on Teaching Online
Clinical Associate Professor

Professor Rui’s research interests include social media, health IT, and optimal contract design.

  1.  Racial Bias in Customer Service: Evidence from Twitter, with Priyanga Gunarathne and Abraham Seidmann, Information Systems Research, 2022, 33(1)
  2. Probabilistic Selling in Vertically Differentiated Markets, Production and Operations Management, 2022, Website
  3.  Does Active Service Intervention Drive More Complaints on Social Media? The Roles of Service Quality and Awareness, Journal of Management Information Systems, 2021, 38(3)
Adjunct Faculty
Assistant Professor
Stochastic dynamic optimization with learning, Applications of machine learning to model analysis, Business Analytics
  1. A Polynomial-Time Approximation Scheme for Sequential Batch-Testing of Series Systems, Operations Research, 2022, Website, 2, 70
  2. A Holistic Approach to Interpretability in Financial Lending: Models, Visualizations, and Summary-Explanations, Decision Support Systems, 2022, 152
  3. Understanding How Dimension Reduction Tools Work: An Empirical Approach to Deciphering t-SNE, UMAP, TriMAP, and PaCMAP for Data Visualization, Journal of Machine Learning Research, 2021
Clinical Professor
Dr. Tilson’s research primarily explores digital platforms and infrastructures. In other research streams he has explored technical standards, mobile computing, and improving operational efficiency in healthcare settings. He is published in journals such as Information Systems Research, Telecom Policy, Decision Support Systems, the European Journal of Information Systems, and Socio-Economic Planning Sciences. He has over 2500 citations on Google Scholar and won a best paper awards in (a) Mobile Technologies and Service Science Track at HICSS Conference and (b) Healthcare Management category at the Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting.
  1. Dynamic Capabilities for Transitioning from Product Platform Ecosystem to Innovation Platform Ecosystem, European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), 2022, Website
  2. Digitally Induced Industry Paradoxes: Disruptive Innovations of Taxiwork and Music Streaming Beyond Organizational Boundaries, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 2021
  3. Generativity in Digital Infrastructures: A Research Note, The Routledge Companion to Management Information Systems, 2017, Website
Assistant Professor
AI for Healthcare, mHealth, Geographical Data Analytics, Human-AI Interaction, Machine Learning based NLP and Audio/Video Analytics, Machine Behavior
  1. Impact of Product and Platform Level Sampling on the Sale of Online Video Courses
  2. Engagement and Outcomes Associated with Contextual Annotation Features of a Digital Health Solution, Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 2022, 4, 16
  3. Recency of Online Physician Ratings, American Medical Association, 2022, 8, 182