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Simon Alumni Email Forwarding

Any graduate of the Simon School may request the activation of a Simon e-mail address by filling out the form below.

You will be assigned the same e-mail address you had while you were in residence. If you did not have an e-mail while here, the format will be: Please note that this will be a forwarding e-mail address only. There will not be an account or inbox to log into.

The Simon IT Department will create and configure the address and forwarding function, and inform you when it is activated and ready for use.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Simon Advancement office at or (585) 275-7563.

Important – Setting up email forwarding will delete your email mailbox and disable your UR AD account. You will no longer have access to certain campus resources that require these login credentials (Student Information System, Email, UR_Connected, and MySimon).

Before you set up email forwarding to a new account you must archive your old emails in order to avoid losing them. Once you set up email forwarding you will no longer be able to access your Simon email account and all old emails will be deleted.  Please click the check box indicating that you understand and accept this.

I Understand and Accept

Email Forwarding
Please fill out this form to request email forwarding for your Simon email address.
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