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Full-Time MBA students benefit from a balance between expert instruction and practical hands-on learning. In addition to a project-based consulting course required as part of our curriculum, and you may choose additional elective courses in your area of interest to build skills and prepare for your future career. There are also plenty of co-curricular opportunities that complement classroom instruction, while giving you the flexibility to pursue your passions.

See three of our student groups talk about their projects: Urban Impact Through Social EntrepreneurshipUrban Poverty and Food Insecurity, and Predicting the Popularity of Comic Book Characters Using Big Data

Two Simon students presenting at the Hult Competion - 340 x 266Required Courses – Business Consulting I, II, & III

Every Simon MBA study team completes this project-based course, which begins in the fall quarter and concludes in the spring quarter of the first year. The course allows your team to work closely with a company on a business project, applying what you are learning in the classroom in a real-world setting, to provide you with concrete résumé experience.

Elective Classes

In addition to the required Business Consulting courses, several of our elective classes have experiential components that prepare you to enter the business world and your future career with confidence.

Examples of experiential elective classes:

  • Strategy and Business Systems Consulting Practicum
  • Brand Management Workshop
  • Social Impact & Entrepreneurship
  • Projects in Entrepreneurship
  • Leading Teams I & II

Two female Simon students presenting at the Hult Competition - 340 x 266Co-Curricular Opportunities

From managing a $2 million venture capital fund, to projects designed to bring you from the classroom to the business world, Simon offers valuable opportunities for hands-on learning.

The Simon School Venture Capital Fund (SSVCF) is an early stage seed fund run by MBA and MS students. The SSVCF is an evergreen fund made possible through the support of alumni donations. It is guided by an alumni advisory board that consists of venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs, and accomplished professionals in finance, law, and other disciplines.

Simon Vision Consultants provides a few different ways students can gain additional real-world experience while at Simon. The primary mission is to connect local businesses and entrepreneurs with talented Simon students who can help them understand and address business problems – a unique opportunity for companies to tap into the resources of a multi-disciplinary team of students eager to build their experience by tackling real-world problems and challenges. Partners include companies of all sizes, nonprofit organizations, public institutions, the University, and Simon’s renowned network of alumni.

Examples of Vision projects

  • Silicon Valley Startup: Amberoon works with companies to deploy advanced analytics techniques. Simon teams have helped develop viable value propositions to Amberoon clients.
  • Innovation Lab: A Simon team is helping LG’s Silicon Valley Lab explore the potential for LG to build on its core competencies in the automotive industry.
  • Property Management: Conifer employs 650 people across five states. A team of Simon students is worked with Conifer to identify reasons for employee turnover and propose ways to reduce it.
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