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Developing the Next Generation of Minority Business Leaders

Simon Business School is a proud partner of Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), the nation's premier nonprofit career development institution dedicated to supporting African-American, Native American, and Hispanic students.

MLT’s MBA Prep Program assists students with applying to business schools and navigating the corporate recruiting process once admitted. The MBA Prep experience includes two years of personalized coaching and five in-person seminars, where participants enhance their skills and build relationships with business school admission officers and recruiters from more than 60 top corporations and social sector organizations. In addition, Fellows receive mentoring from MLT alumni, participate in high-impact volunteer leadership activities, and connect with organizations that offer GMAT preparation.

Graduate business schools, including Simon, have partnered with the organization to provide crucial support by hosting MLT events, encouraging admissions staff to reach out to Fellows, and shaping MLT's curriculum.

In 2012, 99% of MLT Fellows were admitted to business school. MLT has been featured on the cover of Fortune, CNN’s Black in America 2, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, and  Businessweek. For more information, please visit

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