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Equity and Fixed-Income Research

Financial research can be broken down into two major categories—equity and fixed income. Equity research deals with sell-side and buy-side analysis. Researchers on each side are charged with gathering and analyzing data. On the sell-side, analysts conduct macro-level research on specific industries and the stocks offered therein. They do this to provide investors with valuation of a given company. Buy-side analysts also gather industry- and company-specific data. They do so in order to offer counsel on organizational investment strategies. Fixed-income analysts specialize in an asset class within debt securities, often investment-grade, convertible, and high-yield bonds or distressed securities.

Job Titles

Equity Research Titles

  • Research Associate
  • Equity Analyst
  • Vice President
  • Director
  • Managing Director/Senior Analyst

Analyst is a senior position in equity research, unlike banking and other sectors where it is generally considered an entry-to-mid level role.

Fixed-Income Research Titles

  • Fixed-Income Research Associate
  • Vice President
  • Director
  • Managing Director

In-Demand Skills and Character Traits

As with most finance opportunities, research functions place high emphasis on qualitative and data-analysis skills. Since analysts often present investor-facing reports, strong oral and written communication skills are imperative. Working hours may be long and organizations depend on researchers to make business-related decisions, therefore energy and attention to detail are qualities that appeal to recruiters.

Equity and Fixed-Income Research Career Preparation at Simon
Academic Path

As you pursue your MBA, you are encouraged to explore the Accounting and Finance concentrations to prepare for your career.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Hiring processes for equity and fixed-income research positions are not as structured as those of the investment-banking sector. As a result, networking is critical for students looking to enter the profession. The Simon Investment Club, Financial Management Association (FMA), and career-related events are highly recommended. Both clubs have targeted networking plans for research candidates and FMA works in close association with the Simon Career Center to hold interview-preparation workshops. The Simon Investment Club builds real-world experience by assembling a team of student analysts to manage a funded portfolio. Seminars, group discussions, and research reports help MBAs gain extensive industry knowledge.


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