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    Matthew Peckham

    '14S (MBA), Finance

    Financial Management Associate,

    After receiving his bachelor’s degree in applied economics from Ithaca College, Matthew Peckham moved to Boston where he worked in commercial banking with RBS Citizens, N.A. An exemplary student at Ithaca, Matt moved adeptly into the credit analyst and portfolio manager positions he held at the bank.

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    Dominic Rasini

    '14S (MBA), Competitive and Organizational Strategy

    Senior Consultant,

    As a business analyst working for Queensland Health in Australia and seeking an advanced degree, Dominic Rasini knew that a Simon MBA was literally a world away. But for someone looking to build his career on the international business stage, it was a challenge he was willing to accept.

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    Charles Johnson

    '14S (MBA), Competitive and Organizational Strategy

    Associate Marketing Manager,

    As a sponsorship specialist for the National Basketball Association and co-marketing manager for ESPN, Charles quickly learned the realities of a Big Data world. “Coming through the NBA and ESPN, I saw heavy use of numbers and analytics— and having numbers tell the story,” he says. “I wanted to learn how to master those numbers. That was one of the things that attracted me to Simon.”

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    Lynne Amerson

    '09S (MBA)

    Portfolio Manager
    First Western Trust Bank

    "At Simon, I learned to sharpen the way I present information," she says. "Often there can be too much data behind an answer and the biggest part of the solution is recognizing the quality data. At Simon, I learned to recognize these trends and I have had success framing the solution by presenting the most relevant conclusions in a creative way."

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    Todd Grafton

    '12S (MBA), Finance and Entrepreneurship

    Senior Corporate Auditor
    General Motors

    "In an increasingly more global business environment, Simon provides a unique opportunity to gain real experience. With working teams, assignments, and challenges designed to explore the latest problem-solving techniques, Simon prepares you for the globalized future of business."

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    Jordon Jones

    '11S (MBA), Finance and Competitive and Organizational Strategy

    MBA Program Development Program,

    "When I was applying to schools, I had the opportunity to meet with several second-year Simon students at an alumni reception in Salt Lake City and I was especially impressed by the sincere friendship they shared. I could tell through my interactions with them that their relationships were real, that they worked well together, and that their relationships served as a valuable learning tool in their business-school experience. This was exactly the type of team-focused experience I was looking for in an MBA program."

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    Jeffery Kelly

    '11S (MBA), Finance and Competitive and Organizational Strategy

    AVP, Data Network Infrastructure Business Management,
    Bank of America

    "Simon gives students practice working in diverse teams on challenging real-world business problems.”

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    Marais Lombard

    '12S (MBA), Competitive and Organizational Strategy, Operations Management

    Tech MBA Associate,
    Bank of America

    "My wife grew up in Syracuse, so she always spoke highly of the Simon School. I wanted to attend a strong school that emphasizes personal relationships, and that was one of the first things that struck me when I visited the Simon School. The relatively small class size also helps one to get to know your classmates and professors better."

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    Andrew Mallia

    '13S (MBA), Marketing and Competitive and Organizational Strategy

    Assistant Brand Manager,

    “It means being part of a community within a community. All of the fellows are able to connect and draw upon each other’s backgrounds.”

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    Philip Myers

    '13S (MBA), Finance

    Assistant Vice President,
    Bank of America

    "I'm looking forward to being a part of the Simon Fellows network going forward because it attracts a variety of leaders with sharp intellects and bright futures in a panoply of industries and firms around the globe."

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    Malati Patil

    '08S (MBA), Finance and Competitive and Organizational Strategy

    Assistant Vice President,
    M&T Bank

    “The tools that I have found most valuable are knowledge of how to construct the framework to solve a business problem and the quantitative skills to support this framework. The world of business is very numbers oriented and, with my skills from Simon, I can develop a model to demonstrate a business problem and work with the model to solve it.”

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    Alexandra Pavlenko

    '12S (MBA), Marketing, Competitive and Organizational Strategy, Health Sciences Management

    Project Manager, Marketing Management Rotational Program,
    Boehringer Ingelheim

    "So many schools primarily use the case method. In turbulent markets, this method seems insufficient to make world-changing business decisions. I can read a cake recipe and analyze why it failed or I can learn the fundamentals of cake-making and anticipate all the possible pitfalls. This is what Simon gives its students: instinct in forethought rather than instinct in afterthought."

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    Jason Powell

    '13S (MBA), Marketing, Competitive and Organizational Strategy, Business Environment and Public Policy

    Enterprise Executive Director,
    Excellus BCBS Management Development Association

    “Simon has given me a tremendous amount of confidence in being able to communicate solutions to business problems that are grounded in facts that will influence decisions going forward. That is exactly what I was looking for in a business school.”

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    Charles "Dusty" Riddle

    '09S (MBA), Finance Competitive and Organizational Strategy, Entrepreneurship

    Manager, Business Analytics/Credit Risk Management,
    Capital One Bank

    "The quality of the education exceeded my expectations, but I think it was the strength and closeness of the Simon community that surprised me the most. I developed amazing relationships with faculty, staff, and all my classmates."

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    Byron Taylor

    '12S (MBA), Corporate Accounting, Finance, Competitive and Organizational Strategy, and Marketing

    Empire Valuation Consultants

    "The chance to consider all aspects of a problem and come up with a solution is an important aspect of what you learn at Simon. It's important to make decisions on the fly, but if you're making decisions on the fly without considering all the possible outcomes, you're not making the decision the right way."

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    Alona Kulbabchuk

    '13S (MBA), Finance and Corporate Accounting

    Finance Manager,
    Henry Schein

    Alona had not spent much time in the United States so she was also looking for a place that would make her feel comfortable. “I have never stayed [in the US] for a long time before. It made a difference that Simon is so welcoming.”

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    Faisal Siddiqui

    '12S (MBA), Finance and Competitive and Organizational Strategy

    Senior Associate,

    “My background was product development and computer engineering,” he says, “But I wanted to get into strategy and business development. I wanted to learn about business in a holistic way and understood the best way to get there from engineering was business school—and I knew Simon was the choice for me.”

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    Mason Bartleson

    '12S (MBA), Finance, Corporate Accounting and Competitive and Organizational Strategy

    Manager, Field Management Development Program,
    Liberty Mutual Insurance

    "I was a little later to business school," says Mason Bartleson. "I was looking for a new career and didn't feel like I had a lot of time to slowly work my way up an organization. I needed to get in somewhere and hit the ground running — and immediately have the opportunity to make a name for myself."

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    Nicole Camarre

    '14S (MBA)

    Amory Square Ventures

    A graduate of Binghamton University with a Bachelor of Science in financial economics, Nicole Camarre was fortunate enough to land a job and gain valuable experience at M&T Bank. After working in the bank’s Product Management department and taking part in their Management Development Program, Nicole felt 2012 was an opportune time to pursue an advanced degree that would help her realize her professional ambitions.

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    Marat Davletshin

    '12S (MBA), International Management and Finance

    Incoming AM (Operations, RIC2),

    "What has impressed me most about the School is the strength and depth of the Simon curriculum, the Simon faculty -- it's truly world-class -- and the Simon students, they're truly wonderful people."

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    Inga Grote

    '10S (MBA), Marketing and Competitive and Organizational Strategy (Pricing Track)

    Associate Brand Manager,
    Bayer HealthCare

    "I think Simon's quantitative approach in all areas of business really put me at an advantage during my internship. Being able to analyze vast amounts of data and feel comfortable with numbers set me apart."

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    Jason Hall

    '08S (MBA)

    Growth and Business Development Manager,
    Carestream Health, Inc.

    "I switched from a sales career to a  finance career and without my experience at Simon I would never have been able to make that switch. By going to Simon I added an analytical skill set to the soft skill set I honed during my time in sales that is very complementary."

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    Jonathan Harrington

    '13S (MBA), Marketing (Brand Management Track) and Competitive and Organizational Strategy

    Associate Brand Manager,

    “The main thing that attracted me to Simon was the close-knit community. Dean Mark Zupan called me as soon as I put down my deposit, and alumni have been incredibly willing to help provide insight and advice. Those contacts directly led to my internship, and I am very grateful for that.”

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