MS in Finance

Tuition and Expenses

Below, you’ll find detailed information about tuition and estimated expenses related to the Full-Time MS in Finance program.

Item Rates (Based on 2023–2024 Academic Year)
Tuition $85,500/year
Activity Fee $700/year
Mandatory Health Fee* $819/year
Health Insurance* $3,783/year
Room, Board & Transportation $16,260/year
Personal Expenses $2,740/year
Books $1,310/year
International Services Office Fee $106/year
International Student Programming Fee $750 one-time fee
Internship Track (Optional) $5,000

*2022-2023 rate since 2023-2024 rates not finalized

Please note that if you are traveling with family members, you should account for additional funds:

  • $7,000 - spouse
  • $7,000 - each child