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Off-Campus Events

Interested in learning more about the Simon Business School? Join us at an event and take advantage of the opportunity to meet with admissions officers, alumni, current students, and more. Events will be added throughout the year, so check back periodically for updates. We also invite you to create a Simon Profile to receive updates about the latest news and events at Simon.

2018 Events
July 12 Seattle, WA MBA Tour
July 14 Los Angeles, CA MBA Tour
July 15 San Francisco, CA MBA Tour
July 17 Houston, TX MBA Tour
July 19 Atlanta, GA MBA Tour
July 19 New York, NY Inside the MBA
July 21 New York, NY MBA Tour
July 23 Chicago, IL MBA Tour
July 24 Chicago, IL The Consortium MAPS
July 25 Washington, DC MBA Tour
July 26 Boston, MA MBA Tour
August 2 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The MBA Tour
August 4 São Paulo, Brazil The MBA Tour
August 11 Lima, Peru The MBA Tour
August 13 Bogotá, Colombia The MBA Tour
August 13 Washington, DC Forté
August 14 Boston, MA Forté
August 15 Atlanta, GA Forté
August 18 Mexico City, Mexico The MBA Tour
August 18 Toronto, Canada The MBA Tour
August 21 San Francisco, CA Forté
August 22 Los Angeles, CA Forté
August 28 New York, NY Forté
August 29 New York, NY Forté
August 29 Johannesburg, South Africa Access MBA
August 30 New York City, NY The Consortium MAPS
August 30 Toronto, Canada Forté
September 1 Cape Town, South Africa Access MBA
September 5 Lagos, Nigeria Access MBA
September 5 San Francisco, CA The Consortium MAPS
September 6 Los Angeles, CA The Consortium MAPS
September 12 Washington, DC The Consortium MAPS
September 15 Toronto, Canada Poets & Quants CentreCourt
September 19 Atlanta, GA The Consortium MAPS
September 19 Delhi, India The MBA Tour
September 20 Washington, DC Poets & Quants CentreCourt
September 22 New York, NY Poets & Quants CentreCourt
September 22 Mumbai, India The MBA Tour
September 24 Bangalore, India The MBA Tour
September 25 Chapel Hill, NC The Consortium MAPS
September 26 Denver, CO Inside the MBA
September 27 Salt Lake City, UT Inside the MBA
September 28 Detroit, MI The Consortium MAPS
October 3 Houston, TX The Consortium MAPS
October 6 Minneapolis, MN Reaching Out MBA Conference, LGBT
October 8 Minneapolis, MN Inside the MBA
October 9 Chicago, IL Inside the MBA
October 13 Chicago, IL ExploreMBA Veterans Summit
October 20 Mexico City, Mexico Access MBA
October 23 Bogotá, Colombia Access MBA
October 23 Taipei, Taiwan Access MBA
October 25 Lima, Peru Access MBA
October 25 Tokyo, Japan Access MBA
October 27 São Paulo, Brazil Access MBA
October 27 Seoul, South Korea Access MBA
October 30 Beijing, China Access MBA
November 1 Shanghai, China Access MBA
November 6 New York, NY Access MBA
November 6 Charlotte, NC Inside the MBA
November 8 Atlanta, GA Inside the MBA
2019 Events
January 15 Boston, MA Inside the MBA
January 17 New York, NY Inside the MBA
January 21 Seattle, WA Inside the MBA
January 23 San Francisco, CA Inside the MBA
January 24 Los Angeles, CA Inside the MBA
February 2 New York, NY The MBA Tour
March 30 New York, NY Poets and Quants CentreCourt
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